Deal SMS has been a pioneer in the SMS Gateway technology and providing the services like SMS Gateway, SMS Gateway India, SMS gateway Software and SMS API.

HTTP API is one of the most popular, simple and flexible API which can be easily integrated with any website or applications. We have made this API code available online so that it becomes very easy for you to start using it effortlessly.SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) API is perfectly suitable for the businesses having high monthly SMS push requirements. mVaayoo supports connection via SMPP Protocol using the global SMPP 3.3 / 3.4 standards and provides comprehensive reports through a web interface and with SMPP API you are continuously connected to our SMS Gateway.

If you have large volumes of messages that you would like to deliver frequently, DealSms FTP Upload facility will assist you in doing this in easy and quick manner. All you need is a list of destination mobile numbers that you wish to send message to, and you will be able to upload a text file with all other details to Deal Sms via FTP.

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